“God doesn't change His mind to conform to opinion polls - we did not elect Him to be God, and we cannot vote Him out of the office.”

Peter Kreeft

Joseph Piccione, S.TH.D.

Dr. Piccione is a Catholic theologian and ethicist holding graduate degrees in theology from the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC (M.A., S.T.L. "License in Sacred Theology") and St. Mary's Seminary and University (S.Th.D.; "Doctor of Sacred Theology").

His training has included a law degree from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. where he worked as a "policy expert", analyzing family-related welfare issues. In the 1980s, while still in Washington, he discussed death-and-dying issues on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "20/20."

He also worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and was a staff member of the National Commission on America's Urban Families and the National Commission on Children. He wrote op-ed pieces in 1994 for USA Today criticizing human embryo research and certain contraception programs.

Dr. Piccione currently serves as a Ministry Ethicist for OSF Healthcare System in Peoria. He resides in Metamora, Illinois with his wife Nancy and children.