“God doesn't change His mind to conform to opinion polls - we did not elect Him to be God, and we cannot vote Him out of the office.”

Peter Kreeft



Cosmic Origins

The Magis Center

This 50-minute documentary featuring seven world renowned physicists is an ideal complement to both The Reason Series (ninth grade program) and Science, God & Creation (twelfth grade program).


Finding God Through Faith & Reason


This comprehensive set of questions and answers is designed as a study guide to accompany Fr. Spitzer's award winning book,New Proofs for the Existence of God.


The Biology of Prenatal Development

The Biology of Prenatal Development, explains the science and communicates the wonder of human development from fertilization through birth. Using six medical imaging technologies, the program features extraordinarily rare direct videography of the living human embryo and early fetus inside the womb from 4½ to 12 weeks following fertilization.


Catholicism Box Set (Spanish)

by Fr. Robert Barron


Catholicism Box Set (English)

by Fr. Robert Barron